Winch Fitment

How do you connect a 3600kg (8000lb) winch to a Syncro?  I have thought about this for a long time and have come up with the following issues:

  • How to impact the front approach angle the least.

  • How to attach it to the Syncro in a way that it won't permanently modify the vehicle.

The solution that I came up with was quite simple in the end.  Both of my Syncros have very sturdy bull bars on the front and rear.  The rear bumpers that I sell at Fast Forward Automotive have a 2.0" receiver built into them.  Why not install a 2.0" receiver in the front bull bar as well and install the winch on a plate that will use a 2.0" receiver tong to attach itself securely to the vehicle?  So that is what we attached out 3600kg (8000lb) winch!

3600kg winch on the 
front of my TriStar 

The same 3600kg winch on the
rear of my Westfalia

I found this solution rather attractive because I find most of the time when you get stuck, I would like to have the option of getting out going backwards so I can take things at a slightly different approach - this enables me to do that.  I can also transport the winch from vehicle to vehicle and to friends vehicles as well.  

The power cable for the winch is attach to the main electrical system via fork lift battery quick disconnects.  The Syncro can also be jump started via these receptacles instead of digging under the seat for the battery.

When I am not using the winch, it can sit home removing 40kg of weight from being carried around and reducing the chances of the winch becoming someone else's.

2005 David Marshall