1989 TriStar Syncro Project



Removing the wasserboxer engine is a fairly straight forward thing, well documented in the Robert Bentley Manual for the 1980 to 1991 Vanagon - 

Removing the wasserboxer the engine:

Step 1 0h15m
  • Remove Syncro Skid Plate.
Step 2 0h45m
  • Remove the starting and auxiliary batteries from your vehicle.
  • Remove wasserboxer electrical harness, ECU, Fuel Pump / ECU relay box, ignition coil and idle stabilizer relay behind the rear tail light.

    Remember: no cutting!
Step 3 0h30m
  • Remove main radiator coolant hoses.
  • Remove heater coolant hose.
  • Remove water reservoirs.
  • Remove power steering lines.

    Be sure to catch and recycle all fluids and keep it away from your pets!
Step 4 0h30m
  • Disconnect the fuel lines.
  • Disconnect the brake booster.
  • Disconnect power steering lines from power steering pump.
  • Disconnect the throttle cable.
  • Do a final check to ensure that the only thing that is still attached to the wasserboxer engine is the rear support member and the transmission.
Step 5 0h30m
  • Remove side and front engine splash shields.
  • Remove bolts that hold the muffler heat shield to the body.
  • Remove engine stud nuts on the transmission.
  • Loosen the transmission mounts a few turns.
Step 5 1h00m
  • Attach engine hoist and lightly lift on motor.
  • Remove the four bolts on the engine cross member.
  • Slowly lower and remove engine ensuring that the transmission is supported 

Total removal time for that wasserboxer motor


2004 David Marshall